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For Omnichannel Retailers, Hedgehogs Beat Foxes

Focus and passion are the keys to long-term success for omnichannel and ecommerce retailers. In his 2001 book “Good to Great,” author and researcher Jim Collins sought to explain “why some companies make the leap [from good to great] and others don’t.” His answer plays out over about 300 pages, and it includes the Hedgehog […]

‘Gated’ Product Launch Leads to $250,000 in 1-day Sales

Jordan West launched Little & Lively, a direct-to-consumer children’s apparel company, with his wife, Carmen, six years ago in Canada. The business has grown to mid-seven-figures in revenue selling through its website, mostly. He’s a master at creating demand for his products before they are available for purchase. “We had a recent launch where, in […]

A Monthly Update With New Guides And Community Resources

Whether you’re motivated to get started with creating artworks through code or instead find yourself spending too much time getting upset over ugly website policy disclosure pages, we always like to have your back. Here at Smashing, we are committed to nourishing curiosity on what works and what doesn’t, helping folks improve their skills and […]

Supercharge Testing React Applications With Wallaby.js

One thing you will discover very quickly when you start writing tests for an application is that you want to run your tests constantly when you are coding. Having to switch between your code editor and terminal window (or in the case of VS Code, the integrated terminal) adds an overhead and reduces your productivity […]

Ecommerce Product Releases: October 15, 2020

Here is a list of product releases and updates for mid-October from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on voice commerce, social commerce, customer-support texting, cybersecurity, on-demand fulfillment, and holiday shipping. Got an ecommerce product release? Email releases@practicalecommerce.com. Ecommerce Product Releases Instagram’s shopping cart is coming to IGTV and Reels. Instagram’s […]

Managing Long-Running Tasks In A React App With Web Workers

Response time is a big deal when it comes to web applications. Users demand instantaneous responses, no matter what your app may be doing. Whether it’s only displaying a person’s name or crunching numbers, web app users demand that your app responds to their command every single time. Sometimes that can be hard to achieve […]

The Wirecard Fiasco: Digital Payments Gone Wrong

What would you do if your credit card processor and merchant account provider were fraudulent? That’s the reality for many thousands of worldwide businesses that relied on Wirecard, the Germany-based financial technology firm that is now in bankruptcy proceedings, having committed, allegedly, sham practices for years. I’ll describe the Wirecard fiasco in this post. It’s […]

Build And Deploy An Angular Form With Netlify Forms And Edge

Creating the frontend, backend, and deployment workflow of an app takes a lot of work. In instances where your app collects only a limited amount of data submissions from its users, building a whole backend may not seem worth the time and effort. An alternative to developing a complete backend is using Netlify Forms. In […]

SEO: 5 Tips to Convert Visitors to Buyers

Search engine optimization focuses on driving consumers to your site. But traffic alone doesn’t pay the bills. Success depends on converting those visitors to customers. Organic search traffic converts to revenue, on average, roughly 3 percent of the time, according to the studies I’ve seen, although the top converting sites reach 10 percent or more. […]

Design Shopping: Get A Faster Client Buy-In Through A Guided Design Showcase

Regardless of where you live, getting your driver’s license renewed or the address updated on your personal ID card may often be a painful chore. It’s such a frustrating experience that Disney’s Zootopia movie (IMDb) thought it best to represent DMV employees as sloths. Despite popular opinion, however, the California DMV (California Department of Motor […]